Major Activities
Outing for the Wheelchair Bound
wheelchair   Many Senior Citizens who are wheelchair bound have been confined to their homes with little opportunity to move around more freely, meet friends and visit places of interest. This deprivation is a major cause of depression which is wide-spread among Senior Citizens living alone. ARA is providing a free service to bring them out to places which they long to visit or people whom they wish to meet. It is a special service to help them fulfill such aspirations and gain greater freedom of movement.
ARA member helps wheelchair bound elderly to move around more freely.
•  To maintain a bi-lingual Website for retirees.
•  To organize talks and training courses on healthy living.
•  To launch social enterprises involving retirees.
•  To provide guidance and counselling services for lonely elderly.
•  Set up an Information Centre on re-employment.
•  To provide social services to the sick and needy.
Past & Present Activities
  • Publication of newsletter
  • Promote job opportunities for elderly
  • Facilitate regular outing for the
  • Current Community Services


The Active Retirees
The publication was issued to elderly in 2004 to highlight latest medical knowledge to keep them aware of possible threats to their health.